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Sedimentary Geology

(former name: PolyPlot)

available as fat binary application. A windows version is also available.

Constructs PICT data logs and ternary diagrams on the base of TAB formatted spreadsheets. Many options to change the graphics. Look here for more info (in German)

A tool developed by R. Sieger, Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.


available for MacOS and Windows

Simulating ripple and dune bedforms and crossbedding

Developed by D.M. Rubin, US Geol. Survey


for MacOS

"Provide an integrated, graphics-oriented analysis environment for paleomagnetic data."

Developed by Craig H. Jones, Cooperative Institue for Research in Environmental Sciences, Colorado, U.S.A.


binhexed self extracting archive (Gopher) for all Macs

Simulating large scale marginal deposition and erosion for long geological time spans.

Developed by Ulf Nordland and Magnus Silfversparre of Uppsala University, Sweden.


for MacOS & Windows

A complete browse and visualization tool for all types of paleoclimate and paleoecological data.

by paleovu@ngdc.noaa.gov

Grain Size Tools:

Monte Carlo

for PPC (simple User Intererface)

Monte Carlo: Numerical modeling of distributions of sections from distribution of spheres (using Gaussian normal distributions)

Stripstar: calculation of spheres from histogram of sections

from Panozzo Heilbronner, R. & Bruhn, D., University of Basel

The FABRIC software package

for PPC (simple User Intererface)

9 applications for particle and surface orientation including shape analysis

from Panozzo, R., University of Basel


available as Fortran code (needs CodeWarrior or another compiler)

Program "basin" is designed to simulate a basin cross section with a maximum of 40 layers and 50 columns.

by Klaus Bitzer, University of Barcelona


A collection of tools for sedimentologists:
Geol.Time-Scale, Stoke's sinking time calculator, also for centrifuge, 2Theta-d-value (Å)-converter, TTI calculator, LogGenerator

by R.Petschick (available on this server)

Log Generator

Conctructs simple profile logs on the base of tab-formatted data

by R.Petschick (available on this server)

Structural Geology


available as 68K, PPC, and FatBinary XXL version (10000 data)

DOES NOT WORK under MacOS 9.x!

A Macintosh program for plotting and analysing orientation data.

developed by Neil Mancktelow, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Structural programs
by R. Allmendinger and coworkers

for 68K Macs, works on PowerMacs under emulation.

(simple User Intererface)
  • Stereonet - a plotting program for orientation data
  • MicroStructure - microstructural analysis on quartz, calcite, and dolomite.
  • FaultKin - analyzing fault slip data
  • MacStrat - a stratigraphic plotting program
  • MacStress - plotting frictional and crystal plastic curves for a variety of lithologies and environmental parameters
  • StrainSim - a program to simulate two dimensional pure and simple shear
  • Structure Movies - Duplex, Fault bend fold, Growth fault bend

contact to R.Allmendinger.(Cornell)


for all Macs

A program to calculate a variety of tectonic motion related values.

Written by John Robbins

3D Stresses

for all Macs (68K code)

"An app to find the principal stresses in an element given the share and bending stresses"

written by Matt Warner


for all Macs

An easy to use menu driven program for orientation analysis of spatial data and paleostress calculation

written by Hugo Ortner, University of Innsbruck, Austria


for all Macs (68K code)


Calculates and visualizes orientation images according to the CIP method (CIP = Computer Intergrated Polarization microscopy).

written by Christian Pauly, University of Basel


(needs PPC)

Software of Ramp-related folds "forward" modeling. Currently the following modes of folding are simulated: Fault-bend folding, Fault-propagation folding, Chester & Chester folding

written by E.Mercier, France


Converting structural data for planes from quadrant, dip, and dip direction (e.g. N 27 E 61 SE) to dip and dip azimuth (e.g. 61 117).

by J.W.Mies, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Mineralogy & Petrology


for PowerPC

X-ray diffraction profile fit program for Macintosh.

developed by Helge Stanjek, TU Munich, Germany

X-Ray Diffraction Simulator

for all Macs

Provides a graphical user interface to a computer simulation of x-ray powder diffraction of two-dimensional crystals.

by Marc De Graef, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.


for all Macs

Program GIBBS is a general algorithm to perform Gibbs method calculations.

written by Frank.S.Spear, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, NY, U.S.A.


for all Macs

Perfom calculations of geothermometers and geobarometers and to plot the results as lines of constant equlibrium constant on a P-T diagram.

written by Matthew J. Kohn & Frank.S.Spear, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, NY, U.S.A.

(load Demo)

Crystal Diffract

available for all Macs

Display all kinds of crystal structures in stunning, photorealistic colour. Full version: 275 US$.

Generate, display and manipulate x-ray and neutron powder diffraction patterns. Freeware.

developed by D.C.Palmer, Cambridge University, UK.


Only for 68K-Macs, not for PowerPC!!

Public domain application for stererographic projection (Crystal) for drawing and manipulating crystal unit cells (Crystalview)

written by Thomas H.LKosel, Universtiy of Notre Dame


for all Macs, a Demo is available

A commercial program for building, studying and visualising all kinds of crystal structures.
$ 299 for academic institutions, $ 99 for students

Developed by Crystal Structure Design AS, Oslo, Norway


for MacOS and MS-DOS (simple User Intererface)

Calculate mineral compositions, phase equilibria, and conditions of formation of rocks using a thermodynamic database

written by Roger Powell (University of Melbourne) and Tim Holland (Cambridge, UK).


for all Macintoshes and MS-DOS
(simple User Intererface)

A Rietveld-Refinement Program RIETAN-94 for Angle-Dispersive X-Ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction

written by Fujio IZUMI, National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials, Japan


for MacOS (68K code) and Windows (simple User Intererface)

A non-linear least squares cell refinement program with regression diagnostics.

written by Tim Holland (Cambridge, UK)


68K version

Calculate temperatures from from chemical analyses of coexisting hornblende and plagioclase (usually determined by electron microprobe).

written by Tim Holland (Cambridge, UK)


68K version

A program to calculate activities of mineral endmembers from chemical analyses (usually determined by electron microprobe).

written by Tim Holland (Cambridge, UK)


for PowerPC (simple User Intererface)
get Info

"One dimensional modelling of burial and exhumation including the effects of heat production with exponential decay."

by Neil Mancktelow, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and B.Grasemann, Inst.f.Geologie, Vienna


for all Macs (also Windows, Sun, Unix) (simple User Intererface)

"A collection of fortran programs for calculating and displaying petrologic phase equilibria."

by Jamie Conolly, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


68K version

"Performs thermobarometric calculations for the estimation of the P-T-conditions of metamorphic equilibration"

by Peter Appel, University of Kiel, Germany


for PPC-Mac and Windows95

"An interactive program designed to simulate a petrographic microscope.... designed as an educational tool for use by petrology students."

a Brigham Young University project, Online Manual available, in preparation


68K version

A Macintosh program of the Gresens method which allows quantitative study of volume change and mass transfer of chemical components in rocks during alteration processes.

by Jean-Luc Potdevin, Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille


68K version

Program to simulate x-ray powder diffraction patterns.

By A.W. Hewat, ILL, Grenoble, France.


for all Macs

DM has been written to solve the day to day questions of working crystallographers

from Lacuna Labs, 495 $, Demo available


for all Macs

A search/retrieval and interactive phase identification software for the ICCD PDF-2 databases.

by ESM Software, commercial software, $ 2420 (incl. ICCD PDF-2 Mineral file)


The THERIAK-DOMINO Software is a program collection written by C. de Capitani (University of Basel, Switzerland) to calculate equilibrium assemblages and equilibrium phase diagrams.


for all Macs

An application that makes it easy to view, edit and analyse X-ray powder diffractograms

by R.Petschick (available on this server)

Take a look into the Excel spreadsheet column

Mathematics & Statistics


for MacOS (all types)

Macintosh time series analysis tool.

published by Paillard D., L. Labeyrie and P. Yiou, Macintosh Program Performs Time-Series Analysis, Eos Trans,AGU, vol. 77, p. 379, 1996.


for all Macs (68K code)

An easy-to-use statistical program that features descriptive stats, 2-sample tests, ANOVA & Post Hocs, Kruskal-Wallis, Chi-Square tests, Linear Regression and correlation tests. The free demo is fully functional, but with a reduced data matrix.

written by C.Pereira, 25$ shareware fee (full version)


up to MacOS 8.1!!

A statistical shareware program containing interactive statistical software

written by David Darby, 25 $ shareware fee


for all Macs

"MathPad is a general purpose graphing scientific calculator for the Macintosh."

by Mark Widholm, University of New Hampshire


also available for other platforms

A general purpose computer algebra system

developed by the MuPAD Research Group under direction of Prof. Benno Fuchssteiner at the University of Paderborn, Germany

Calculator II

for all Macs (68K code)

My favorite multi-function calculator that runs as an application on all of my macs during last 5 years, fast, easy-to-use, without frills

written by Joe Cicinelli


for all Macs

"A fully featured, algebraic calculator which is always just a hot key away. ThufirCalc uses a Utility Window so you can perform calculations without having to switch applications."

by P.N.Lewis, Stairways Software, 10$ shareware fee

XYZ GeoBench

for all Macs (68K Code)

"A workbench for geometric computation. It provides an interactive user interface similar to a drawing program which can be used to create and manipulate geometric objects such as points, line segments, polygons, etc."

From eXperimental geometrY ETH Zurich, Switzerland


for all Macs (68K Code)

A programme for carrying out Student's t-test.

written by Steve Ashcroft, Nuffield Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Oxford,UK


for all Macs (3 versions)

"a program written for scientists, ...who want to fit user definded functions to a set of data points."

written by Kevin Raner, Australia, 25 - 40 Australian $

Linear Regression Pro

for all Macs (68K code)

" a small application to calculate the slope, intercept, the correlation coefficient and most importantly, the errors for a series of x,y data"

written by Gerard Hammond, Australia, 15 $ shareware fee


for Mac, Windows & UNIX

The Visual Statistic System, designed for a wide range of users, particularly for those learning statistics and for their teachers.

by Forest W. Young, University of North Carolina, U.S.A.

Curvus Pro

English version
French version
German version

"allows you to draw any mathematical curve - limited only by your imagination."-"...able to handle 3D graph in real time thanks QuickDraw 3D, to create 2D or 3D animations to observe the evolution of the curves in function of parameters..."

from Arizona, Swizzerland, 40 US$ shareware fee


for all Macs

A scientific software package for numerical computations in a user-friendly environment (like MatLab). Scilab is available for most Unix workstations, PC and Linux machines.

by SciLab group, France


for Mac OS (Fat Binary)

"Mathematical Modeling for the Macintosh. A professional package for univariate mathematical modeling (equations and distributions). Without a doubt, the most powerful software of its kind available anywhere, with state-of-the-art functionality that sets a new standard in user-friendliness."

by Mike Mc Laughlin (Freeware)


for all Macs

A Freeware Matlab alternative.

by Ian Searle

SysQuake LE

Scientific visualization with interactive graphics (like Matlab)

by http://www.calerga.com/



for all Macs (68K code)

Taxonomic database and diversity analysis program

written by A McRoberts, Binghampton State University, U.S.A.

Programs by Norman MacLeod

most with a simple user interface, 68K code, also as Windows versions

  • Eigenshape - a series of programs designed to perform an eigenshape analysis on x,y coordinate data from object outlines
  • Megashare - Program to perform a Shear-PCA analysis (with expanded matrix sizes to allow for thee analysis of larger datasets)
  • RCSI - designed to accept a matrix of presence-absence biogeographic data and calculate a pairwise matrix of Raup & Crick similarity coefficients
  • Shaw Stack - a Hypercard-based graphic correlation program.

written by Norman MacLeod

Maps & Graphics

(former name: MacMap)

available as PowerPC and 68K application. A windows 95 version is also available

Draws PICT vector based maps of coast lines and bathymetric layers of your choice. Zoomable graphics of any area of the world presented by 6 different projections. Layer databases of 10% (2.5 MB), 30% (7.8 MB), and 100% (24.8 MB) of Gebco quality are bypacked.

A tool developed by the PANGEA group, Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.

Power OceanAtlas

for all Macs
alternative URL

"Provides a graphic exploration environment to examine and plot oceanographic section data. ...a stand-alone "living atlas" of oceanographic sections"

Developed by John Osborne & James Swift, Complete package: 6 MB!

NIH Image

available as PowerPC, Fat Binary, and 68K application.

The worlds best freeware image analysis program.

Developed by Wayne Raschad, National Institute of Health, U.S.A.

Image SXM

for all Macs

A version of the public domain image analysis software NIH Image that has been extended to handle the loading, display and analysis of scanning microscope images. Image SXM supports SEM, SPM and SAM images from the following systems: Burleigh Instruments, Digital Instruments NanoScope, DME Rasterscope, Gatan DigitalMicrograph, JEOL SEM and WinSem, Omicron Vakuumphysik Oxford Instruments, Park Scientific Instruments, RHK Technology, TopoMetrix Vacuum Generators, WA Technology TOPSystem.

Steve Barrett, Univ. of Liverpool, UK


available as Fat Binary application.

The worlds best shareware application to edit and convert computer graphics.

developed by T.Lemke, shareware fee: 45 to 50 DM


for Illustrator 8,9 or FreeHand 8

MAPublisher is a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator 8.01/9.0 or FreeHand 8 that bridges Geographic Information System (GIS) technology with high-end graphics software for high resolution printing and electronic publishing of maps.

Commercial App by http://www.avenza.com. Demos available here.

Map II

for MacOS (68K code)

Map Processor. Raster Graphical Information System. "Image processing system that can process images and maps in both visual and quantitative ways."

from ThinkSpace, University of Western Ontario Research Parc, Canada


(older "MapFactory")

for MacOS and Windows

available as Demo (PPC)

"The most easy-to-use GIS for terrain and spatial processing"

from ThinkSpace, full: 900 US$


(former "GeoCAD")

for PowerPC
in English or in German

Creating and editing maps an a computer, importing those maps into word processors or DTP-applications or simply enjoying your own maps.

written by Benedikt Stratmann Shareware fee: 45 DM or 30 US$


for all Macs

Demo available

Display, contour, filter and calculate volumetrics of spatial data. It combines contouring, 3D imaging, CAD, database and GIS features.

Aupperle Services and Contracting, Canada, Commercial software, 825 US$


for all Macs (68K code)

Creating contour maps and other displays of three-dimensional, single-valued surfaces.

Developed by the Kansas Geological Survey


for all Macs (68K Code)

"A visualization tool that provides you ... displaying the data as a contour plot, a three-dimensional (3D) plot, or as shaded data of differing intensities."

by Chih-chao Lam, NCSA, University of Illinois, U.S.A.


for all Macs with FPU (68K Code)

Display scientific data obtained from ternary systems


for all Macs

ADC (Automated Digital Compilation) Macintosh software for plotting structural symbols on geologic maps

by J.W.Mies, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


needs PPC and Quickdraw 3D

Pangaea is an application to create your own planet using QuickDraw3D.

by Junzo Sato, Japan, 10$ Shareware fee


for all Macs

(a subset available for Windows platform)

for analyzing Earth observational multispectral satellite image data.

by David Landgrebe & Larry Biehl, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, U.S.A.

Planet Earth

direct link

Have you ever wanted to see the earth from space? Planet Earth displays a realtime 3-dimensional model of the Earth with the current cloud information downloaded directly over the internet.

by Lunar Software, 15 $ Shareware fee


for PPC

3-D grain size distribution from sections

by P. Heilbronner, Basel, Swizzerland

TerrainLab Earth

for PPC

A unique software tool to create stunning 3D globe images and animations from real geographical data using OpenGL.

mailto: terrainlab@terrainlab.com, commercial software, demo available


(new version)
older version

for all Macs

also for Windows

Program to reverse engineer a set of data from a given plot in a magazine or journal.

Developed by Kees Huyser & Jan van der Laan


A series of four Interstudio programs, two of which have international english language versions, dedicated to the geotechnical field and related structural analysis.

commercial software by Interstudio (complete: $899, 70 % educational discount), free demos available


for all Macs

Global Position System (GPS) on the Mac.

by Macintosh GPS communications

MacGPS Pro

for all Macs

Software for linking a GARMIN GPS Receiver to a Macintosh"

by Lynn James of James Associates (39.95 - 49.95 $)

SkyChart 2000

for all Macs & Windowss

An advanced planetarium program created for the serious astronomer.

by Southern Stars Software, California, 34.95 $ shareware fee


for all Macs

An easy-to-use, feature-packed sky map generator.

from Jacques & Alexandre Trottier , 20$ shareware fee


for all Macs

Simulates trajectories of volcanic bombs.

written by Andreas Schweizer, Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland, Switzerland


for all Macs (68K Code)

Draws chemical structures and saves them as GIFs allowing you to easily communicate chemical information via the World-Wide Web. Can also be used as a demonstation version of ChemIntosh

Copyright © 1996 by SoftShell International, Ltd


for all Macs

A collection of software tools for (bio)-chemical and other research laboratories.

written by Tzuen-Rong J. Tzeng, Dep. of Microbiology, Clemson University, U.S.A., $ 45 single user licence

Engineering Assistant

for all Macs (68K Code)
  • "An extensive unit conversion utility"
  • " A powerful material property and constants database"
  • "A flexible formula database"

by Green Mountain Software, 25$ shareware fee, 30 day try-out



Periodic table of the elements.

by Bruce Toback, Office Products Technology, Inc.


for MacOS and Windows

A molecular mass calculator.

by James E. Deline


for all Macs

"HourWorld provides a world of time information graphically, attractively, and intuitively. A beautiful blend of graphics and text, HourWorld deserves a place in your Power Macintosh."

by Paul Software Engineering, 29.95 US$ Shareware fee

Knowledge Miner

for all Macs

"Simple, powerful cybernetic modeling shareware for your Mac. - KM is a powerful, easy-to-use modeling and prediction tool which was designed to support the knowledge extraction process from data on a highly automated level." - (also used by the Oil industry)

by Script software, 45 US$ student, 100 US$ Lite, 380 $ Pro


for all Macs

Protractor is a tool to measure an angle.

by Junzo Sato, Japan, 10 US$ shareware fee


available for several platforms

An interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation

The Atomic Mac

The Atomic Mac is an electronic Periodic Table of the Elements for the Macintosh. Detailed physical (melting point, density, etc) and nuclear (isotopes, half life, etc) information is displayed. Decay modes and daughter products are listed for radioactive isotopes.

by Chris Smolinski (15 $ shareware fee)


for all Macs

Digitize source data from cartesian, ternary or polar plots

by R.Petschick (available on this server)

Games & Education

Seismic Duck

for PowerPC

Applying Geophysics to find oil.

Written by A.D. Robinson


for PowerPC

3D-Landscape Generator.

by Jared Schiffman

Paper Fossils

Hypercard stack

Make your own paper fossil. A computer animation and paper models

Open-file report 64-667 of the U.S. Geol.Survey, written by T.R.Alpha, S.W.Starratt & J.W.Hendley II


Hypercard stack

A colorized version of the classic Dinosaur stack

produced by A.A.H. Productions in 1986.

Conrad Weiler


Hurricane/storm tracking utility, covering the Atlantic Basin and the Eastern Pacific.

written by Bill Chenault


Another Hurricane tracking application

written by Justin Cooke, $15 Shareware fee

Trilobite Icons

A series of Trilobite 32 Bit icons

by Reby Lee, Canada, item-ware

Excel Spreadsheets


Creates Ternary Diagrams.

Written by J. Furrer, University of Lausanne, Swizzerland


(from Computer & Geosciences)

Another EXCEL Spreadsheet for ternary diagrams

by Daniel Marshall (e-mail adress may changed)


Calculates crystallite size distributions and strain for minerals from X-ray diffraction data. This program was developed to measure particle size distributions for minerals in rocks and soils.

developed at the U.S. Geological Survey, written by D. D. Eberl, V. Drits, J. Srodon and R. Nuesch


Calculates the modal composition of a rock from the chemical composition of the minerals and whole rock according to the "constrained mixing model"
Source: LeMaitre 1979, Contrib Mineral Petrol 71:133-137. Courtesy of K. Simon, 1991
Geochemical Institute University of Göttingen, Germany

Mixing. isotopes

Templates concerning trace element behaviour during magma crystallisation

Courtesy of J. Entenmann 1992

Geochemical Institute University of Göttingen, Germany


An Excel™ spreadsheet for thermobarometric calculations in metapelitic rocks.

by J.Reche & F.J. Martinez, Departament de Geologia, University of Barcelona. Published in Computer and Geosciences, Vol.22


Table of the thermophysical data including the derived data set

by M.Gottschalk, GFZ, Potsdam, Germany

Other links including Macintosh software

The Soft Earth
No longer supported since 1997!
alternative mirror link

A general overwiew with links to geoscientific software available in the Web.


Geological software list available for Macintosh computer (most commercial). Made by Dr. A.B. Busbey, Dep. of Geology, Texas University.


Geological software for DOS, Win, Mac & Unix available from University of Erlangen. Mastered by Stefan Krumm.

Computers &

Source code for programs as published in the journal Computers & Geosciences

Macintosh Statistics Software

This is a directory of statistical packages under the Mac OS for:

  • social science research;
  • physical and biological sciences;
  • engineering;
  • general mathematical analysis

Nexors Misc Mac Software

Browse and download software for Macintosh, with directories of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics and some more. Attention! Some of the software here is not PowerPC savy!

Links to Geosciences Software

Links to geological software (both Mac and PC)

and Geo-

catalogues programs (mostly commercial DOS-Windows) in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering,Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Foundation Engineering, Hydrogeology, Geo-environmental Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation.

Macintosh Artificial Life Software

This page is an expanding archive of artificial life software that runs on the Macintosh.

Free Chemistry Software of Apple Macintosh

A collection of Free- Shareware- and Demo- chemistry programs especially for Apple Macintosh and compatible computers.

The AI-Geostats Homepage

available software & shareware commonly used for spatial statistics. (DOS/Windows, UNIX & some Mac Software)


Commercial DOS, Windows, MacOS, and UNIX geological software. Look into the online catalog. Download free software (mostly for Windows), look for MacOS: MacGeoPack ($495) including MacGridzo, MacLogger, Digitize, Stereo, MacSection,...

ESM Software

Commercial (also Mac) Software for Material Science and Engineering. Material Properties, Phase diagrams, Crystallography, Thermochemistry, Polymers, Ceramics, Education

Software for Forward Modelling of Tectonics & Sedimentation

By D.Waltham, Department of Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London. Available are:

  • Carbonate Platforms ($150 on Macintosh )
  • Clastic Sedimentation over a simple fault scarp ($150)
  • Sedimentation during extension, compression and inversion (FDP sponsors only)
  • Sand/Clay sedimentation (free IDL scripts which will run on any machines which have IDL installed)

PAZ software

Commercial MacOS software by Pierre A. Zippi

Wellplot, Counter, Dipmeter, LogPlot, Diversity calculator, ShawPlot, DataSampler, Ternary Plot, Vector Rose, Watson, Measure, ...

Macintosh Software

from Marin Schwarz, FH-Karlsruhe


Macintosh software from Plum Island. Some scientific tools (mostly biological and statistics)

Software Page

Network for Geological and Environmental Data. Info, Data, Software

the Pangaea group, Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

Search more (most DOS/Windows) software here...

Mineralogy software

from the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium

Mineralogy and Geoscience software

list with URLs as a part of "Links for Mineralogists" of the Mineralogisches Institut, University of Würzburg, Germany

Useful Binaries

from the Geochemisches Institut, University of Göttingen, Germany

Geosoftware Geology/ Paleontology

Software Page of the "Workshop Geosoftware" at the Institute of Geology and Paleontology, University Clausthal, Germany

Software for Rockhounds

Some Mineralogical Software, partly freeware, from Bob's Rock shop server

DJW's Geological Software resources

Information, sources, demos, ... An annotated bookmark list

by Dave Water, Oxford, U.K.

Minserv Software

Commercial Windows software: WinRock, Mineral Database, CRDCalc, a.o., some free, from Mineral Services, Australia


Shareware for MS Windows, by Pierre Perroud, Geneve, Swizzerland

StrataData Ltd

Let us advise you on how to make the most of your biostratigraphic and chemostratigraphic data. Commercial Windows software.

Geo & Soft

Commercial WIndows software for rock mechanics, soil mechanics, hydrogeology, geophysics, geology. Many demos available.

Some more links...

The Geological
Time machine

Made by Allen Collins, Robert Guralnick and Brian R, Speer, Museum of Paleontology of the University of California at Berkeley

Mineral formulas

A long html-list (276 KByte) displaying the chemical composition of minerals and gems. Made by Jill Banfield


Periodic table with geological data of 112 elements made by Mark Winter, Dep. of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England

Periodic Table

Another periodic table made by David Hsu, The Tech (MIT newspaper)

AEE Periodic Table

Interactive Periodic Table of the ATLANTIC EQUIPMENT ENGINEERS, Bergenfield

Create a Map

You will receive postscript vector type maps of each area in the world. © by Martin Weinelt, Geomar, Kiel.


Look at the current XRD diffraction pattern made by a Web Accessible Diffractometer at the Department of GeoSciences, Indiana University Purdue University Forth Wayne, U.S.A.


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